We go through life being influenced by our built environment and never stop to ask if it could be better suited for us and our personal needs. 

We are an international architecture firm based in Tel Aviv, Israel and we plan and research EQUALITY DRIVEN ARCHITECTURE. ZISO plans and designs inspirational structures with people in mind, emerging from analysis and true understanding of the ever changing nature of the world we live in. We strongly believe in sustainability, urban sociology and equality driven ideas. 

ZISO is an action partner of the UN SDG's, promoting gender equality awareness in architecture and urban design. To find out more click HERE


​​ZISO was founded in 2017 by Arch. Michal Ziso. Michal received her Architect and Urban Planner degree from the Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology and the Politecnico di Milano. Michal is an entrepreneur, an activist and a TEDx speaker (@TEDxJaffaWomen)

Michal began her path at one of the largest architecture firms in Israel, where she found her way to shine while being part of large scale projects, specializing in skyscrapers. As she continued her urban journey, Michal worked as a Senior Architect and Designer in New York City. Her constant travels and never-ending curiosity turned her into an urban nomad, who is intrigued by cultures and the ways people around the world see and use space. This was the influence to founding ZISO, a firm born out of the wander and passion for life and from being brave enough to live it and design it to the max. ​


We believe that every individual must find a way to use her or his expertise in order to do some good in the world. A cause that is very close to our hearts is gender equality - we believe that every human is born equal and should get the same opportunities and respect, while feeling they can be themselves  and true to who they are regardless of society's expectations. 


While women make up half of the global population, they still don't get equal opportunities for education, health care, equal pay and equal representation across the board.  

ZISO believes it is not just a women rights issue, it is human rights issue, therefore commits itself to contributing to the cause by using our professional abilities at architectural consultation and work to projects that are set to close the gap. We would like to put our time and knowledge to use and help make a much overdue change. 

We invite you to reach out to us if you are an organization or individual conceiving gender equality driven projects, or other architectural projects and would like to stand together for gender equality.