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A container is a vessel that surrounds a usable volume of space and thus defines the spacial boundary between interior and exterior. As a walk-in box with useful spacial dimensions, the container fulfills the prerequisites for use as a spacial module. The aim was to design a Container Vacation House overlooking the Bondi Beach waterfront in Sydney using used freight container.

Bondi Beach is known for being an attraction for surfers from Australia and from around the world. 

The idea behind this project was to create a vacation house fit for surfers, specifically designed to match the surf-board’s proportions. The house could open up completely due to a costume designed detail of shutters made of the walls of the container itself, which then will allow it to become only a shade or a mark of territory. When closed it would again become a private shelter from the elements.

Type: residential . Client AC-CA International Architecture Competition

Re-Use project at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Design Collaboration. Arch. Michal Ziso + Arch. Galia Tobias​

Awarded Finalist of the Israeli Design Awards (Ot Ha'Itzuv) 2014

Scale. 250 sqm

Status. conceptual

Container House

  • 2013

Type: residential . Client AC-CA International Architecture Competition

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