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As a public speaker, Arch. Michal Ziso often talks about her unique journey in her flag inspirational talk  titled"The Creative Journey of A Space Architect". 

This talk is about the creative journey of a space architect, of an architect who found herself to be the only woman in so many scenarios, around the conference table or at the construction site, and started wondering if this has a bigger context. Does the fact that the majority of the world we live in was planned and designed by a narrow demographic has an impact on the way we all live? These were big questions but the answers started to pop up from the most unexpected place - outer space! 

Michal first talked about her journey at the TEDxISU event at the International Space University in Strasbourg, France. Since then she gave this talk at the International Space Week events in Israel, organized by the Israel Space Agency and the Ramon Foundation and at various events and conferences around the world. Recently Michal gave this talk in a live broadcast event 'Space It' -Conference of space education named after Rona Ramon.

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"My first A-Ha moment was when I realized I must step off the tight rope and find my niche, which must combine what I know, what I'm good at, with what I care deeply about"

- Arch. Michal Ziso

Type: Public Speaking

The creative journey of a space architect

The Journey

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Type: Public Speaking. 

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