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Disabilities are not disabilities if the surroundings are fit for different needs. Unfortunately it is a big task to change our exiting built environment, and it is our responsibility as architects and designers to take into consideration all types of abilities and needs. 

As space architects, we research how different abilities can become actual superpowers in space. We are looking into physical, mental and sensory aspects and the findings are fascinating! 


Check back soon to find out more!  

A disability exists when the built environment is not accessible. What would happen if instead of shying away from disabilities, we would design a world that not only acknowledges but also helps transform them to superpowers?

From Disabilities to Superpowers in Space Exploration

Type:  Research. ZISO team  Arch. Michal Ziso + Adriel Levy 

Research #2

  • 2020

Type:  Research. ZISO team  Arch. Michal Ziso + Adriel Levy 

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