Commercial, Beni Brak, Israel, 2014

Architect in Charge, Michal Ziso @Moshe Zur Architects & Town Planners LTD.

Motormall is planned to be a national scale hub which will house all car & motor brands and distributers in Israel under one roof. Along with supporting facilities such as motor gear, simulators, licensing offices and a test-drive course on the roof, Motormall will house all that is needed to ease the process of purchasing a car from start to finish. Moreover, the project will contain high-end commercial stores, restaurants and bars, alongside an antique car museum. All in all - the full motor experience for the whole family. The ideal location of the project is right off one of the most busy intersections in the country, where there is great exposure and accessibility for potential clients. Motormall is designed as a hyper version of the Guggenheim museum in NYC - an all ramp building for the quality circulation of both visitors and cars, in addition to elevators. The car elevator, made of glass, is positioned at the atrium area across from the visitors elevators, thus all circulation and activity revolves around it. The large atrium space will be used as an ever changing suspended display area for art, themed decorations and car showcase. 

scale. 50,000 sqm

status. conceptual