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The martian colonization should practice respect for the new planet and use its resources thoughtfully, following Less for More concept by sustainable, minimal and no trace architecture. The foundations stems from understanding Earth and implementing conclusions as phase one of building on Mars.

An environment designed by one narrow demographic does not fit the needs of diverse users therefor the approach for designing such settlement should be with equality and diversity in mind or in other words - Equality Driven Architecture. 

"It is time to shift our focus to how to LIVE on Mars, rather than how to not die there" - Arch. Michal Ziso

illustration by Arik Feuerlicht

Type: 'Marstopia' International Competition . Client Eleven Magazine

Equality Driven Architecture,

settlement on Mars

Mars is More

  • 2017

Type: 'Marstopia' International Competition . Client Eleven Magazine

Mars is More architectural project led to the founding of the social venture 'Mars is More' promoting idea sharing to create a movement of thought leaders who impact our future through the 'Martian Method'.

Social Venture

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