Residential, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2012

Architect in Charge, Arch. Ori Gat @Moshe Zur Architects & Town Planners LTD.; Team: Arch. Michal Ziso

The project is a luxury residential tower in the heart of Tel Aviv. The tower consists of 25 floors with 59 apartment units, an underground spa and pool area with skylights for natural light, and 5 underground parking levels. The lot consists of an historical building which was part of the old theater. Between the historical building and the tower there will be a public square which leads to a private open space. In order to create these spaces, the ground floor of the tower has a small land cover of 400m2. As the tower rises, it’s floors get larger up to the top floor, the penthouse, where the floor area grows up to 600m2. Not only this design contributes to the urban fabric in the street level, but also achieves the most desired floors of the building as the largest in size. Moreover, these planning decisions helped to create a tower with a unique silhouette.

scale. 20,000 sqm

height to architectural tip. 98m 

status. construction documents