Offices + Commercial, Ra'anana, Israel, 2015

Architect in Charge, Arch. Ori Gat @Moshe Zur Architects & Town Planners LTD.; Team: Arch. Michal Ziso + Arch. Roni Ha'elyon​ + Arch. Yossi Shushan

The campus consists of 8 office buildings, each de-signed according to the tennants’ programm and specifications. The overall concept for the campus revolves around sports, which led to designing the layout of the buildings around a running track and sport facilities which include a swimming pool, a gym, tennis courts, a spa and so forth. All the sport fa-cilities are part of a holistic landscape design of the entire campus. The planning and design of the office buildings took place in phases, the first being the building located in the South-West area of the lot. The project also includes 4 parking basements. 

scale. 120,000 sqm

status. conceptual - due to change in owner the design turned into collaboration between Moshe Zur Architects and the world renowned architecture firm BIG