Culture, Milano, Italy, 2013

Architect in Charge, Michal Ziso @Moshe Zur Architects & Town Planners LTD.

The concept is based upon Israel’s influential part in the world-wide used technology of ‘cloud-seeding’ and its' successful experiments using a chemical called Silver Iodide which helps change the amount or type of precipitation (rain or snow) that falls from the clouds. In other words, the technology to turns white clouds into rain clouds or enhance the amount of precipitation of existing rain clouds. The pavilion consists of 3 huge suspended glass cubes - each contains clouds which, by using the Israeli technology, will change from white clouds to rain clouds in the matter of hours. The design of the pavilion, the circulation and experience, all revolves around the transformation of the clouds.The tube-like restaurant at the top of the hill aligns the visitors eye-level with the cubes and creates a wonderful view point. The use of materials on the ground starting from the entrance to the pavilion depicts the gradient transformation of Israel from dry cracked desert to water and green fruitful land. 

scale. 2,500 sqm

status. conceptual - competition [by the Government of Israel]